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Auto liability insurance in Texas - buying a car

Auto Liability Insurance Information – Texas

Texas law requires people who drive in Texas to pay for the accidents they cause. Most drivers do this by buying auto liability insurance.

Auto Liability insurance pays toward repair or replacement the other driver’s car. It also pays toward other people’s medical expenses when you are at fault in an accident. It doesn’t pay to repair or replace your car or for your injuries. Consider adding additional coverage options for involving damage to your vehicle or your injuries.  Other available coverage options include personal injury protection, uninsured motorist, and coverage for damage to your vehicle (collision, and comprehensive).

When you buy insurance to comply with the Texas Financial Responsibility Law, you must buy limits of liability of at least $30,000 per person up to $60,000 per accident for bodily injury, and $25,000 for property damage. These are the minimum limits. You may wish to buy higher limits to protect you from a potential claim which may exceed these limits.

There are severe penalties for breaking the Texas Financial Responsibility Law which can include fines, surcharges, possible suspension of your license, and impounding of your vehicle.

After you buy auto liability insurance, you will receive a proof of insurance card to prove you have insurance. You will need this card to prove that you have insurance when asked for it by a law enforcement officer, have an accident, register your car or renew its registration, and/or get your vehicle inspected.

For more information on auto liability insurance and other auto insurance coverages, follow this link to the Texas Department of Insurance website:  Auto insurance guide (

If you would like to discuss auto insurance liability or obtain a quote for insurance coverage for your car, truck or SUV, call us at (817) 923-2001.  Our licensed staff is available to review your current coverage, discuss coverage options and pricing.  Our agents can also discuss the many discounts our insurance companies offer.  We strive to find you the lowest price for the coverage you need. Call us for a no cost, no obligation quote.  It takes just a few minutes and may save money.

Hemphill Insurance Agency in Fort Worth, Texas represents multiple insurance companies offering quality affordable auto liability insurance in Texas. We have affordable monthly premiums, and many discounts available. Call us at (817) 923-2001 for a free, fast, no obligation auto insurance quote. You can also visit us online at

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Seguros de carros y el responsabilidad en Tejas

La ley en Tejas requiere a las personas que manejan paguen por los accidentes que causan mientras conduce un coche y los seguros de carros. La mayoría de los conductores cumplen con esta ley comprando seguro de responsabilidad civil o “liability insurance”.

Este artículo trata sobre el seguro de responsabilidad civil para automóviles en Texas. Sujeto a los límites establecidos en la póliza, esta cobertura paga por la reparación o reemplazo del vehículo de la otra persona y paga los gastos médicos de otras personas cuando usted es responsable de causar un accidente. Lo que no paga son tus gastos médicos o para reparar o reemplazar tu vehículo. Para tener estas coberturas considera comprar otro tipo de seguro como gastos médicos, protección contra lesiones personales y daños físicos – para cubrir tus gastos después de un accidente.

Cuando compras el seguro para cumplir con la ley de Tejas debes también cumplir con los limites que la ley requiere. Por lo mínimo debes cumplir con los limites de $30,000 en gastos médicos a terceros con un máximo de $60,000 por accidente y $25,000 en danos a propiedad. Puedes comprar limites más altos para protegerte de un reclamo que pueden exceder estos límites.

Hay sanciones severas por no cumplir con estas leyes incluyendo multas, recargos, posible suspensión de tu licencia de conducir y hasta confiscación de tu vehículo.
Después de comprar tu seguro de responsabilidad civil, recibirás un comprobante de seguro para probar que mantienes este seguro. Esta prueba de seguro te sirve para probar el seguro después de un accidente, para registrar tu vehículo, para la inspección de tu vehiculo y para presentar si te llega a detener un oficial de la ley.
Para más información sobre seguro de responsabilidad civil y otras coberturas, visita la siguiente pagina.

Hemphill Insurance Agency en Fort Worth Texas representa una multitud de compañías de seguro que ofrecen seguro de auto a buen precio. Ofrecemos pagos mensuales y pagos iniciales bajos. Llamanos al (817) 923-2001 para un presupuesto rápido, gratis, y sin obligación en seguros de carros.  También nos puedes visita en nuestra pagina de web

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Texas Car Insurance Guide

The Texas Department of Insurance has published a guide which gives basic information about car insurance in Texas and issues involving Texas automobile insurance.

The guide discusses the minimum limits required for auto liability insurance, proof of financial responsibility requirements, and penalties for driving without insurance. It also outlines auto insurance coverages including liability coverage, coverage for damage to your vehicle (collision and comprehensive), increased limits, medical payments coverage, personal injury protection coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, towing and labor coverage, and rental reimbursement coverage.

The guide also gives some tips regarding shopping for insurance, issues regarding young drivers, factors that affect your insurance rate, driving out of state, deductibles, what happens if you buy a car, what your lender may require if you owe money on a car, and many other issues about car insurance in Texas.

To access the guide, follow this link, Texas Department of Insurance – Auto insurance guide.

Since 1998, Hemphill Insurance Agency in Fort Worth Texas has been writing quality affordable auto insurance through multiple carriers. As an independent agent, we can look for the best rate for your car insurance. Affordable monthly premium payments are available. If you have questions about auto insurance or would like a free quote with no obligation, call us at (817) 923-2001 or visit our website at

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Why is my auto insurance renewal premium so high?

The renewal bill from the insurance company arrives, and lo and behold it’s a lot higher than last year’s.

What gives?

There are many reasons it may have increased, and it may be time to shop for a different insurance company. An independent insurance agent represents multiple insurance companies and programs so can shop for a better rate if the company you are currently with goes up. Hemphill Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agent serving Fort Worth and North Texas since 1998.

If your renewal premium went up it may pay to take a few minutes to talk to your current agent to see if there is anything that can be done. If you current agent can’t get the rate lower, it may be time to shop elsewhere. Below are a few reasons why your renewal may have gone up, and what you might do about it. If any of them apply to your situation, talk to your current agent and the agents you are getting quotes with.

Did you add a new vehicle recently?

Insurance companies use a variety of rating factors in order to establish the premium they charge you including charges specific to the year make and model of your automobile or truck. The insurance company that was cheaper when you had your old car, may not be the cheapest for your new vehicle. If your current carrier surcharges the model of vehicle you added, it’s time to check other insurance companies.

Did you have a accident, ticket, or insurance claim recently?

Most insurers will raise your rate if they pay a claim, and the increase can be substantial. Ask your current agent if he represents another insurance company who won’t surcharge your rate as much. The insurance company that had the best rate when you had no tickets or accidents is sometimes not going to be the cheapest if you have an accident. If your current agent does not have a better rate, it may pay to shop with another agent.

Did you add a young driver onto the policy recently?

Policies are rated based on the age and experience of the drivers. If you added a youthful driver to the policy recently, your rate may have gone way up. Insurance companies do not surcharge youthful drivers the same, however. Additionally, some insurance companies offer discounts to help get that high rate down on youthful operators. Ask your agent if your youthful operator qualifies for any of these discounts or statuses.

  • Good Student Discount – for young drivers attending school full-time that maintain good grades
  • Driver Training Discount – for young drivers who complete an approved driver training course
  • Occasional Operator Status – for young drivers who are not the primary operator of any vehicle.
  • Permit Rating – for young drivers who are not yet licensed but have their learners permit
  • Distant Student Status – for students away from home that only use the covered vehicles occasionally.

Did you move?

Auto insurance rates are based in part on where you live. Some insurance companies even have different rates among zip codes within the same town or county. The insurance company that offered you the lowest rate when you lived on the north side of town, may not have the lowest rate if you’ve moved to the south side. If you have moved recently to another town or another zip code, it may pay to shop.

Finally, the high rate may have nothing to do with you individually. it could be that your insurance company simply raised its rates due to claims or market experience. There are plenty of other insurance companies out there. Just because your current insurance company raised its rates doesn’t mean that another insurance company won’t offer you the same or a lower rate than you had. Most agents and companies offer free quotes. Take a few minutes and see if you can’t find a lower rate. Not all policies are the same however, so make sure you understand what coverage you have and what coverage is being offered, and make sure you deal with an agent you can trust.

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