If My License is Expired or Suspended, Can I Get Auto Insurance?

If I Am Currently Unlicensed, Can I Get Auto Insurance?

In Many Cases the Answer is Yes.

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Suspended and Expired License – Can I Get Auto Insurance?

First off, if your licensed has been suspended you may be required by the Texas Department of Public Safety to have auto liability insurance with a Financial Responsibility Filing (SR-22) to lift the suspension.

If your license is expired, you will be required to show that you have auto liability insurance on any car that you own and operate in order to get your Texas driver's license renewed.

As an Independent Insurance Agency serving Fort Worth, Tarrant County and all of North Texas, we represent multiple insurance companies. We have many programs available to get you insured so you can reinstate or renew your suspended or expired driver’s license.

Please call us for a Free, No Cost, No Obligation quote. We will gather the details, and work on finding you the lowest rate among the programs and insurance carriers we represent. It generally just takes a few minutes to gather the information we need to get you the best rate we have to offer.


No Driver’s License, Currently Unlicensed or Have Never Been Licensed –
Can I Get Auto Insurance?

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Depending on your specific circumstances, if you or other drivers in your household are currently unlicensed, do not have a license or have never been licensed, we represent insurance carriers with programs available which may be able to provide auto insurance for you.

If you or another household member are unlicensed and would like to explore your options and see if we have an auto insurance program available with a policy that is priced competitively, please call us. We will need to get some information from you. We then will endeavor to find the best price and coverage options available through our carriers.

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"I've been an insurance agent and lived in Fort Worth for over 20 years. Understanding this area allows me to tailor our insurance products to the specific needs of our community. I know Worth Heights, South Hemphill Heights, Frisco Heights, Brentmoor and Morningside and can offer the best possible advice. Our goal is to provide valuable insight and advice to ensure you get the insurance policy that's right for your family or your business."

– TOMMY HOLLON: Owner/Insurance Agent

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We are dedicated independent insurance agents. We provide great customer service along insurance policies that can be customized depending on your needs. For further convenience to our valued policy holders, most of the insurance companies we provide offer 24-hour online payment, claims reporting, policy access, and policy adjustment capabilities.

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